Qualifications & Experience

    After retiring as a Supervisory Special Agent with over 45 years of hands on experience in conducting felony level criminal investigations for the United states Army Criminal Investigation Command, Milton "Skip" Webb, Jr. is fully qualified to provide assistance in all types of private investigations and interviews of suspects and witnesses.
    Skip Webb served for 27 years as a polygraph examiner for the US Army Criminal Investigation Command, conducting polygraph examinations in all types of felony level investigations. He has conducted over 2000 polygraph examinations and served as the Chief of the US Army CID Polygraph Division providing World wide supervision of all assigned CID polygraph examiners as well as supervising the quality control program for Army CID, responsible for quality control review of over 1700 polygraph examinations per year.
    Skip Webb served as the only three term president of the American Polygraph Association.  He has served the APA in many other areas such as:
  • Chairman for the Board of Directors
  • Executive Director
  • Vice President - Government
  • Accreditation Committee as a school inspector of APA accredited polygraph schools
  • Chairman of the Awards Committee
  • Skip currently serves as the Awards Chair, a member of the Past Presidents Advisory committee and the Public relations and Legislative committee.
    Skip has lectured through the United States and around the world at seminars and training schools in numerous subject areas of polygraph procedures and , techniques as well as Interviews and interrogations.

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