• We conduct polygraph examinations for individuals and attorneys for specific issue criminal or civil issues.  We do not do post-conviction sex offender testing (PCSOT) but can do pre-trial testing on specific allegations of sexual assault or molestation when working on behalf of an individual, attorney or treatment provider/counselor.

  • Fees for specific issue testing are based upon location and the complexity of the issue or issues to be tested plus expenses if travel of more than 100 miles from Dunn, NC is involved. Examinations can be conducted in suitable private offices or conference room environments at your location. Examinations are not done in private residences. Other venues can be arranged when needed to meet client needs.
  • We are licensed in North Carolina but can conduct polygraph examinations in other locations where polygraph examiner licensing is not an issue or you can have your client travel to NC. Many states don't require licenses or have reciprocal agreements that allow testing. Call us or use our Contact Page to see if your state requires polygraph licensing.
  • Based upon a wealth of experience in conducting polygraph examinations in conjunction with military criminal investigations, and extensive polygraph related testimony at Article 32 hearings and Court Martial proceedings within the military justice system, we specialize in "exculpatory" polygraph examinations for clients of attorneys serving in the Trial Defense Services (TDS) of our armed forces and civilian attorneys to practice military law.
  • Examinations are conducted in accordance with federal standards and in accordance with the standards of practice of the American Polygraph Association and the ASTM International.
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    We provide p
    olygraph examination quality control reviews of specific issue polygraph examinations by a federally trained examiner with 27 years of federal polygraph experience and 3 years of private examination experience including nine years of quality control review experience and 22 years of experience as a polygraph supervisor and trainer.

  • Our quality control reviews verify test format adherence; proper test question construction and numeric evaluation compliance based upon accepted federal polygraph programs and American Polygraph Association standards.
  • Test Data Analysis is accomplished utilizing 3 position, 7 position, Empirical Scoring System (ESS) and Utah Scoring Rules when appropriate. Results are provided for each scoring method to including the Objective Scoring System, a computerized polygraph scoring algorithm (Backster scoring rules are not utilized)
  • Test question construction adherence is based upon both the federal manual and APA "best practices" standards.
  • Reviews can be accomplished to confirm Test Data Analysis (TDA) of test chart data, appropriateness of test questions and format utilized using the scoring methodologies listed above or a complete review of the entire examination using either audio or audio/video recordings by the hour, Complete reviews require a 2 hour minimum. The cost of complete video/audio QC reviews generally can be estimated by adding one hour to the length of the audio/video recording. Specific quotes are provided upon request.  See our  Quotes page for more information.
  • Multiple series examinations are counted as separate examinations for pricing purposes.

Click here to see an example Quality Control Review Report

  • POLYGRAPH TRAINING - We conduct polygraph training and instruction to private polygraph schools and state and national seminars both within the US and in other countries as well as to police and sheriff departments.
  • Instruction in such areas as the following can be provided (list is not exclusive):
    • Pre-test interview
    • Test question construction
    • Test Data Analysis (TDA)
    • Interviews and Interrogations
    • Working with Interpreters
    • Polygraph Ethics
    • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
    • Concealed Information Tests and other "Peak of Tension" recognition testing formats
    • Federal Zone Comparison Test (ZCT)
    • Air Force Versions 1 & 2 MGQT (CTF 2,3,and 4)
    • Utah Specific issue and multi-facet formats
  • Use our Quotes page to arrange for scheduling of instruction and training.
  • LIMESTONE TECHNOLOGIES POLYGRAPH INSTRUMENT AND ACCESSORIES - We are the authorized US sales representative of Limestone Technologies polygraph instruments and accessories. We can tailor your Limestone software to capture your specific data and generate your personally designed reports and document templates.  Use our Contact Page to arrange for a demonstration of Limestone's state of the art polygraph instrumentation.
  • We can also provide a computerized psychometric assessment tool for use in making sound hiring decisions.  Call or use the Contact Page to request more information on this dynamic, scientifically proven, computerized human resource assessment tool.